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Are Accredited Homeschool Programs Reliable?

Homeschooling programs must be accredited if they are to offer high quality credit hours. Accredited schools do not need to be traditional brick-and-mortar institutions to offer diplomas for credit. Any institution willing to offer credit hours will develop and provide courses for credit.

Accredited homeschool programs may accept transfer credits which are from other institutions. Generally, any accredited college or university that offers credit hours for credit will accept transfer credits from other colleges. However, courses from unaccredited colleges will most likely not possess the same recognition as courses from accredited homeschool programs from the state in which the institution operates. Transfer credits are available from colleges that are part of the Western Association of Schools and Colleges. In addition, business colleges, career colleges, technical colleges, junior colleges, state schools, and community colleges commonly accept transfer credits from accredited homeschool programs.

Accredited homeschool programs can earn diplomas from equivalent online or traditional colleges. The transcript from an accredited homeschooling program is the equivalent of a high school diploma. Many accredited homeschool programs do not require students to submit transcripts. It’s up to the homeschoolers to find out what universities offered them diplomas without having to submit their diplomas. The diploma will be mailed to them free of charge. In order to receive a diploma, however, it’s important to register with the colleges that offered the course.

The main advantage of accreditation is that it provides a third party look at courses being taught. In effect, students from an accredited homeschool programs are being evaluated on what they’ve learned, not how well the local school district is performing. While there will always be differences among schools in terms of quality of instruction and general course offerings, accreditation provides a third party check that ensures the quality of the courses and the training provided by the home school. It also ensures that when students graduate, they’re earning a respected and reliable degree.

How does an accredited homeschool program ensure its graduates a credible education? Each year, the program offers students an opportunity to earn a diploma from home. Students can complete college applications online or in person. Once a student completes the college application, he or she will receive a confirmation email that offers them the option to receive a diploma from the program. A student who chooses not to receive a diploma after the first two years will have the option to continue to earn college credit through the accredited homeschool high school options.

What about taking classes through an accredited homeschool programs website? Some accredited homeschool programs offer online classes or a CD-ROM based learning experience. These programs allow students to learn at their own pace. A student may complete the necessary courses at home and transfer in course work via the Internet.

Can you study at home using an accredited homeschool program? You’ll find there are several advantages to studying via an accredited homeschool program. If you can’t attend traditional onsite schools, you may be able to earn your high school diploma or GED online. This option is ideal for busy parents. When you study online, you have the opportunity to work around your schedule. You may want to take night classes if you’re employed full time.

In addition to earning your high school diploma, many accredited homeschool programs also lead to university degrees or professional training. There are online university degree programs as well as university internship opportunities. These virtual high school programs and professional training opportunities provide you with the opportunity to further your education or advance your career. However, keep in mind that these options do come with a price. Before enrolling in a distance education program, you should carefully consider the cost and quality of the education offered.